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Your Master Lock Holiday Gift Guide

Master Lock Insights Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s already time to start planning your celebrations and shopping for everyone on your list. Whether you’re surprising someone with a new bike, a suitcase or jewelry, we have products to pair with every item on your list, so you can keep all of your most memorable holiday gifts well-protected.

Grills, Smokers and Lawn Equipment

As indoor-outdoor living continues to grow in popularity, more and more homeowners are buying grills, outdoor furniture and firepits to make their backyards extensions of their homes. If you plan on buying a new grill or smoker for a barbeque-lover in your family, include a Python™ adjustable cable lock with it so they can easily cinch the grill to their deck or furniture to keep it safe from thieves and secured in windy or stormy conditions.

The gardener on your list may also love a new tractor or lawn mower to keep their yard manicured and healthy all year long. However, when their lawn equipment isn’t in use, it’s important to keep it safely locked away in a garage or storage shed. With a weather resistant outdoor lock that can stand up to bolt cutter attacks and sawing, you can give them reassurance that their storage space and equipment are well-protected. 

Luggage and Suitcases

There’s no better gift than a unique experience or a surprise trip for the world travelers and road-trippers in your family. But if a once-in-a-lifetime vacation isn’t in the cards, new luggage is a great gift they’ll be able to use for all their future trips. Whether you’re buying them a weekend bag or a carry-on, pair their new suitcase with a TSA-approved lock to help keep their belongings and souvenirs safe throughout their travels.

Bikes and Sports Equipment

If you’ll be surprising your child with a new bike this year, you probably plan to buy a bike helmet as well to protect them wherever they go. However, you’ll want to make sure their bike is protected, too, so pair it with a braided steel cable lock that offers maximum strength and flexibility to give their new ride superior protection. 


Giving your special someone jewelry is a thoughtful way to make the holidays even more memorable. After taking the time to carefully select the perfect necklace, ring, bracelet or watch to surprise your loved one with, it’s also important to consider how to protect it. After all, it’s not just a fine piece of jewelry that they’ll wear — it’s a keepsake they’ll want to cherish and protect for years to come. Unfortunately, items like jewelry and designer purses can be transported quickly and easily during break-ins, making them prime targets for thieves during home invasions. Jewelry and precious metals are also 11% more likely to be stolen during the holidays, so protect their jewelry and peace of mind with a SentrySafe security safe that features solid steel construction and a digital locking system.[1]

Give the gift of peace of mind to everyone on your list this year. Shop for products on the Master Lock Store and SentrySafe Store, and take advantage of special online offers through the end of the year.


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