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Six Products to Keep Your Student’s Belongings Safe This School Year

Masterlock Padlock on School locker

It’s almost time for the start of another school year, but before your student heads back to class, you’ll need to shop for all the school supplies they need for the upcoming year. Whether you’re sending them off to elementary school or college, be sure to add these Master Lock and SentrySafe products to your shopping list to help safeguard your child’s belongings all school year long.

Top Three Products for K-12 Students

Between school supplies, homework, musical instruments and sports equipment, students have a lot of belongings to keep track of during the school day. Send your child off to school with these helpful products that will keep their belongings safe and secure while they’re in class and traveling to and from school.

Locker Locks

If there’s one Master Lock product you should add to your school shopping list, it’s a Master Lock combination padlock. As one of the most recognizable, reliable and widely used padlocks for school, these locks give your student a simple solution to protect their belongings. The easy-to-use dial has a 3-digit combination so they can quickly access their locker between classes, and they come in a variety of colors that are easy to spot in the busy school hallways.

Backpack Locks

Technology has a larger role in classrooms than ever before with about 94% of public schools providing digital devices, such as tablets or laptops, for students to use in the classroom.[1] As digital learning tools become more and more common, students are oftentimes entrusted with taking these devices home to complete their schoolwork. With a backpack lock, you can have peace of mind that your child’s digital devices are protected while traveling to and from school. You can set a custom combination for their lock that’s easy to remember and even pick from a variety of bright colors to coordinate with their backpack.

Equipment Locks

Extracurricular activities, such as sports, band, orchestra and clubs are a fun and enriching part of your child’s school day, but renting or purchasing instruments and sports equipment is quickly becoming more and more costly. Many of these activities also require your child to travel for games, concerts or competitions, which can leave their equipment vulnerable to tampering or theft. Protect your child’s duffle bag, sports equipment and instruments with a durable steel luggage lock that’s resistant to cutting and sawing and allows you to set and reset your own combination.

Top Three Products for College Students

College is an exciting rite of passage for many students as they move away from home for the first time. Although college students will have the opportunity to embrace more independence on campus, dorm life also comes with new challenges and responsibilities. If you’re planning to send a care package to your college student this year, be sure to include one of these three products that will help keep them and their belongings safe at school.

Door Bar

Campus housing and dorms are always bustling with students and visitors, which makes dorm rooms particularly vulnerable to theft or break-ins. In 2019, about 33% of reported on-campus crimes were burglaries.[2] Whether your child lives in a dorm, campus housing or an apartment, you can help them feel more secure with an adjustable, high strength steel door bar. Once your student is in for the night, they can install the door bar for an additional layer of protection, and when it’s not in use, they can fold it down for easy, compact storage.

Master Lock 270D Door Bar on White Door
Master Lock 8170D Bike Lock
Master Lock Personal Safe Secured To Bed

Bike Lock

If your child doesn’t have a car on campus, they may use a bike to conveniently travel from place to place. While bikes are a more affordable way to get around campus, they’re also susceptible to theft. According to 529 Garage, a bike is stolen every 30 seconds in North America, which adds up to over 2 million stolen bikes per year.[3] Give your college student superior protection for their bike with a hardened steel u-lock that provides extra resistance to prying, cutting and sawing.     

Personal Safe

College students are in and out of their dorm rooms all day long as they balance classes with clubs, jobs and their busy social lives. Rather than leaving their valuables unprotected, they can use a portable personal safe to secure them at home and on the go. This lightweight and portable safe can be secured in their dorm room while they’re in class, or conveniently carried with them to keep keys, jewelry, cellphones and other devices safe. It’s also the perfect compact security option to bring on a study abroad trip, so your child can keep their valuables safe while traveling the world. If your student has a little more they’d like to store, the SentrySafe fire chest offers additional storage and protection for tablets, phones and hard drives with a convenient carrying handle, or you can opt for top of the line protection with our digital security safes.

With these six products, you can have peace of mind that your student’s belongings are well-protected, so you can focus on ensuring they have a successful and enriching school year.  


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