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Never Lose your Combination Again with Store your Combo

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Losing the combination or key code of a lock or safe is a common frustration in our hectic lives. Whether it's a traditional mechanical lock or a cutting-edge smart lock, these locks play a crucial role in safeguarding our valuables. Luckily, Master Lock and SentrySafe have simple solutions to retrieve and manage these important codes, relieving the stress of misplaced keys or forgotten combinations. 

Significance of Combinations and Key Codes

When it comes to security, having the right combinations and key codes is crucial for safeguarding your belongings. But if you lose or forget your codes, it can create major problems for you or your business. Relying solely on memory or physical copies of your combination raises security risks and leaves your valuables exposed to theft and unauthorized access. In today's world where security threats are everywhere, it's important to proactively manage and protect your access codes to keep your assets secure.

What to Do When the Combination Lock Won’t Open

As the most trusted brands in lock and safe security, both Master Lock and SentrySafe understand the importance of quick and reliable access to your valuables. When you use one of our locks or safes, losing a key or combination doesn’t have to mean disaster — there are steps you can take to retrieve or reset them.

Master Lock Store Your Combo and SentrySafe Register My Safe

When you purchase a Master Lock lock, you can register your combination with us so that it's securely stored online and accessible whenever you need it. To add a lock, register with your name, email address, lock nickname, product or model number, and combination or key code. The process is similar for SentrySafe’s Register My Safe. Create a secure account to ensure you never lose your combination or key code again.

If you no longer have access to the original email you used to sign up for Store Your Combo or Register My Safe, you can create a new account with a different email address, as long as you have the product’s serial number. If you need the combination or key code from the original account, customer service will need to verify your identity.

Retrieving Lost Combinations for your Master Lock Product

If you haven’t signed up for Store Your Combo, there are three options to retrieve your forgotten or lost combinations from Master Lock, which all require your product’s serial number.

  1. If you bought your combination lock from a distributor or retailer, you can bring the lock to them directly and ask the retailer to contact us on your behalf. Make sure that the combo lock is not attached to anything when you do. If the lock is attached or if you don’t bring the lock with you, we won’t be able to release the combination. U.S. distributors can call 1-800-308-9244, while Canadian distributors can call 1-800-227-9599. Please note that while Master Lock does not charge for this service, the retailer may charge a fee.
  2. Submit a Lost Combination Form to us directly. Locate your lock's serial number and print out the Lost Combination Form. Have the form notarized by a Notary Public to confirm that you are the lock's owner. You can include up to six combinations on one notarized form. Once completed, mail the form to the Master Lock Warehouse at 24 N Freeport Dr., Nogales, AZ 85621. Upon receiving your request, you can expect to receive your combination in approximately 4-6 weeks.
  3. Send us a photo of the lock by selecting the "Lost Combination" option on our Contact Form. Ensure that the lock is clearly shown and is not attached to anything in the image. The photo should display the entire lock and its serial number clearly. Please note that digitally edited photos won’t be accepted.

Retrieving Lost Keys for your Master Lock Product

 If you used Store Your Combo to save your key code, you can easily create new keys for your safe or lock. Locksmiths or hardware stores can reference the unique set of numbers or characters to cut a new key that matches the original without needing the physical key. If your key code is not available, your best bet would be to contact a locksmith to help open or remove your lock.

For SentrySafe, simply visit this website to retrieve your lost combination. You’ll need to pay a non-refundable fee and have the model number and serial number of your safe. When in doubt, you can always contact customer service for assistance in recovering a lost lock code or key.

Master Lock and SentrySafe are committed to protecting your valuables. We understand that keys can go missing, and combinations can be forgotten. That's why we provide tools like Store Your Combo and Register My Safe, offering a reliable solution to securely store your lock or safe codes and ensuring peace of mind in every situation.


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