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Bolting Down Your Safe for an Added Layer of Protection

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If you’re looking for ways to protect the valuable and irreplaceable items in your home or business, a safe is a wise choice. But, did you know that if you don’t bolt it down, your valuables may still be vulnerable to theft?  

If your home or business is broken into, a thief is more likely to leave your safe – along with your valuables – behind if the safe is bolted down. Bolting down your safe provides an added layer of security and protection for even greater peace of mind.

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When you are securing your safe, it’s important to understand best practices to ensure you don’t damage it or invalidate important features of your safe.  


  • Read your instruction manual to make sure your safe can be bolted down (only certain types of safes are designed with this in mind) and follow directions carefully. 
  • Know the material you are drilling into (concrete, wood, etc.) so you can choose the correct tools. 
  • Choose your location carefully – many people store their safe in a closet (bedroom or office) or in the basement.  
  • Measure carefully before drilling any holes. 
  • Only drill into the area of the safe that is noted in your manual – this is usually through the feet on the bottom of the safe. This is important so you do not compromise the integrity of your safe. (NOTE: some safes come with pre-drilled holes on the back of the safe.)  


  • Do not drill from any location inside the safe.  
  • Never drill through the back of a fireproof safe – it will negate its fireproofing abilities. Only drill through the bottom feet and secure to the floor. 
  • Don’t make substitutions for any recommended parts or steps in the installation process. 
  • Never bolt through the walls of your safe unless it comes with pre-drilled holes. 
  • Don't skip bolting down your safe to avoid losing items that can never be replaced. 

If you’re a gun owner and keep yours stored in a pistol safe or any other security safe, it’s even more important to ensure that your safe is bolted down. Aside from losing valuable items, stolen guns pose an added safety risk if they get into the wrong hands.  

Bolting your safe may seem like a cumbersome and unnecessary step, but when your valuables are at stake, it’s worth it – and only takes a few minutes to complete. The majority of security solutions are designed to deter potential thieves who tend to go for easy targets. If it’s bolted down, they likely won’t take the risk. Taking a few extra minutes to secure your safe can be a huge win in the end. View our video library for more information on how to care for your safe.   


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