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How to Keep Your Valuables Safe Before, During, and After A Hurricane

Aerial view of a hurricane

chance of an above-normal hurricane season for 2022 according to NOAA.

This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is, once again, predicting an “above-average” Atlantic hurricane season – anticipating six to ten hurricanes, out of which at least half would be major hurricanes.1 If you live in or near a hurricane zone, it’s important to be prepared if disaster strikes.

Once you have secured a safety plan for your family, it’s important to make sure you have a plan in place to protect your essential documents and valuables. A safe is a great option, but it’s important to consider a few key features to ensure it can withstand the extreme conditions of a hurricane. The level of fire and water protection can vary greatly between safes, so be sure to read the UL and ETL ratings. 


One of the biggest concerns during a hurricane is the danger of rainfall and flooding. However, flash floods can happen nearly anywhere and anytime, and can lead to devastating damage. An ETL verification indicates that a product has been thoroughly tested to ensure protection against flooding and other water damage. SentrySafe ETL - verified waterproof products are vigorously tested to remain dry even through extreme exposure to water for up to 72 hours.

An active hurricane
A hurricane flooding a town
The aftermath of a hurricane


During a natural disaster, it’s not uncommon to have looting occur in damaged or evacuated areas. When you have to leave your valuables behind, knowing they are secure can give you peace of mind – you will have enough to worry about. There are a variety of security levels available to fit your needs – from basic protection that keeps people honest, to maximum protection against a determined thief.


The size of your safe is important to consider as well. Are you looking for a safe to leave behind or one small enough to grab and take with you? Hurricanes often provide enough warning time to gather some belongings before evacuating. Both the size and the material of the safe can impact your decision when selecting your safe – keeping in mind that many people choose to have two different types of safes to meet their needs. 

Ease of Use

Depending on the scenario, you may be rushed to leave your home. So, it’s helpful to have your most important documents organized and ready to go. A fire-resistant document bag is a great option for this. It offers basic protection to keep all your valuables in one place, saving crucial time in emergency situations.


While hurricanes don’t often directly cause fires, downed power lines, broken gas lines and reduced access to safety services can contribute to fire concerns. When choosing a safe that protects against fire, the UL rating can help you better understand the safe’s degree of fire protection. SentrySafe UL Classified safes can withstand temperatures ranging from 1150° F – 1850° F, keeping your valuables safe and undamaged for up to two hours of direct fire exposure.

Impact Resistance

In order to withstand the unrelenting power of a hurricane, your safe must also be constructed with materials durable enough to handle extreme impact. Forceful movements and damaged structures that can cause your safe to fall through floors can leave your valuables at risk. SentrySafe rugged construction and UL Classified impact resistance ensure our safe doors stay closed-and your valuables protected.

It’s important to remember that hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Hurricane Ida spanned nine states. Impacts from wind and water can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur regardless of the storm’s strength.2 So, it’s important to understand your risks and take proactive steps to get ready now – including protecting your valuables. To learn more, visit Ready.gov/.

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