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Case Study: City of Tolleson Fights Alleyway Crime with Connected Padlocks

A fence with a city of tolleson sign that reads "contact field operations for access"

Municipalities Case Study

The City of Tolleson in Arizona works diligently to oversee and maintain the safety and upkeep of the city’s public spaces – including sidewalks, streets, walkways, parks and alleyways – for its roughly 7,100 residents.

According to the City of Tolleson’s city code, residents are responsible for the upkeep of their respective alleyways. However, because city alleyways are also accessible to the public, the city has faced several obstacles when enforcing this ordinance. With public access granted, the alleyways became subject to illegal dumping, graffiti and trespassing, which interfered with resident maintenance and reduced both city sanitation and safety.

After multiple attempts to restrict alleyway access, the City of Tolleson decided to close off alleyways entirely, utilizing Master Lock Bluetooth® Padlocks and the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise platform to manage and monitor alleyway access. Now equipped with the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks and compatible Master Lock Vault Enterprise software, the city can secure its alleyways and remotely grant or revoke access to residents, utility companies and other city departments when needed.

The integrated solution has improved city operations efficiency, increased resident accountability and reduced crime overall, inspiring Field Operations Superintendent Gabe Elias to recommend and showcase the functionality of Master Lock Vault Enterprise to other nearby cities and municipalities.

Goals & Analysis

Prevent Unauthorized Alleyway Access and Streamline Overall Operations

In exploring solutions, the City of Tolleson sought to prevent unauthorized access of alleyways and encourage resident participation in alleyway maintenance. It was crucial for the city to find an efficient way to manage access between multiple parties, using reliable locks and an easy-to-use, integrated system.



After implementing Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise system, the City of Tolleson improved efficiency, increased resident participation and reduced alleyway crime:



“The City of Tolleson is passionate about creating a vibrant, world-class community and our residents play a key role in that mission. Master Lock’s Bluetooth Padlocks and Master Lock Vault Enterprise have exceeded our security system expectations. Its ability to grant access remotely and monitor lock activity has made city operations more effective across the board, encouraged residents to participate in alleyway maintenance and even led to a substantial drop in alleyway crime. I’ve already started recommending Master Lock Vault Enterprise to other nearby municipalities in Arizona and would recommend it to any organization trying to improve security and streamline operations.”

– Gabe Elias, Field Operations Superintendent, City of Tolleson

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